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Camping Inventory

We bring a lot of gear with us, especially on longer trips. Since we travel by car to drive-up campgrounds, this is not too big a deal.

We've organized most of our camping gear into "tribes," each in its own color-coded stuffsack:

Tribe Stuffsack Color Contents:
Earth Tribe Large Red ground pad for the tent, guylines, clotheslines
Feast Tribe Black pots, pans & skillets, dishes, cups
Fire Tribe Gold Matches, lanterns, firestarters, mosquito coils
Long Tribe Violet long items such as grilling tools, marshmallow sticks, fish grills, knives & cutting board
Pow-Wow Tribe Small Red cards, travel scrabble, Uno, Skip-Bo, cribbage board, poker chips, Hoyle's Rules of card games, stargazing chart, hackysack ball
Spice Tribe Medium Red spices, salt & pepper, cocoa, coffee/tea
Water Tribe Medium Blue sponges & scrubbers, dishsoap, tablecloth, water containers
Wind Tribe Small Blue stakes, rubber mallet and stake puller

Feast Tribe—Extra-Large Black Sack, containing:

We also have a Thule Excursion Rooftop Box that adds about 13 cubic feet of space to the 16 cubic feet in our car. Things we put up there include:

In the cabin of the car, we take:

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